Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sensory Integration

There are many ideas out there to integrate sensory stimulation for children that are autistic or who may have a sensory integration disorder. 

1. Sensory Boxes - You may purchase small, plastic tubs at just about any dollar store to make sensory boxes. Fill them with dried beans, rice, pom pom balls, buttons, cornmeal, etc. The list could go on with sensory boxes!! Be creative and try different things until you figure out which ones work best. 
2. Sleeping Bags - Have the child lay down at the edge of the sleeping bag and roll them up in it nice and tight. They love it!! 
3. Sensory Walk - Cut out pieces of cardboard. You want them to be big enough that the child's foot can fit on the whole piece of cardboard. Tape or glue various items onto each piece of cardboard. You can use sandpaper, cotton balls, hand towels,  artificial leaves or petals that aren't sharp on the edges, etc. Be creative with this, too! Have child take off their shoes and socks and walk on each piece of cardboard. 
4. OT Activities - It's also good to take children that need sensory integration into the OT (Occupational Therapy) room, if possible. Allowing children to swing, jump, and squeeze balls are all a part of sensory integration.
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