Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tootie Fruity Checkers

Here is a new freebie that I just added to my TPT and Teachers Notebook store!

Directions: For this game, students will work in pairs. Each pair of students will get a checker board, a bag of tootie fruities cereal (2 specific colors), and a set of wall word cards. Have the pairs of students place their cards facedown in a pile. Have each one choose their color of cereal, and have them place all 12 pieces on the dark squares in the first three rows (on his/her side). Player A will draw a word card from the pile and read it to Player B. If player B correctly spells the word, he or she will move their game piece (piece of cereal) in a diagonal direction one space. If player B is incorrect, Player A correctly spells the word and places the card at the bottom of the pile. Player B’s turn will be over and he or she will draw a card from the pile for Player A to spell. When a player jumps over their opponent’s game piece, he or she will remove their opponent’s piece from the board. The students will take turns spelling words until someone loses all of their game pieces. 

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