Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Friday! Weekend plans?

It's Friday!! I love my job, but I was in need of a break. This has been test week, and I think the kids were in need of a break, too!! Since there aren't many things planned for this weekend, I am going to stay in and work on my TPT products. I am new to the site, and I found some helpful tips for beginning sellers. I have a few different things I am anxious to get started on. Hopefully, at least one new item will be in my store before the weekend is over! What are everyone's plans for this weekend? I hope you enjoy it regardless if it's relaxed or busy!! 
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  1. Hello, Tasha! I love your blog layout -- so nice! I saw your post on my FB page, but I was on my iPhone and the app doesn't let me navigate very easily. Now I'm on my laptop and I'm glad I found you!

    I haven't been uploading many products on TpT lately... it's been a very busy spring! I need to dedicate some time to creating some items! I am following your TpT store now :)

    Amy Marie

    1. Hi Amy! Thank you for the nice comment! I am very impressed with your blog posts! :-) Good stuff!

      I know all about the busy spring! The end of the school year can get a bit chaotic. I looked over your TPT store, and it looks like you have some great products! I am going to take a better look today.

      - Tasha

  2. Hi Tasha! Welcome to the world of special ed. blogging and TPT! I am a new follower on TPT and on your blog. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create!

    Autism Classroom News

    1. Hi Chris! Thank you! I will add you to my list of blogs that I like and I am now following you on TPT! I am looking forward to following both!!