Saturday, May 18, 2013

Teacher's, where do you like to shop?

Hey everyone! This post is not really school related, but I felt like blogging about random stuff today. It's Saturday and I am letting my brain rest. Last night, our church had a benefit singing for the local fire department. They raised around $4500!! I was ecstatic! Today, we have a birthday party to go to. It's my niece's first birthday. :-) I went to town this morning and got her some pj's at Kohls. I also bought myself 2 outfits. I was excited because I never can find pants that fit. Of course, they were on sale and I got an extra 20% at the register. One outfit I'll be able to wear to church or work, and the other one will just be a work outfit. They are both the Sonoma brand. I just recently started buying that brand. I am loving the relaxed, but professional look. I have to be comfortable for work. No heels for me! Teachers, where do you like to shop? Do you like to dress up (dresses, skirts, heels, etc.) or do you like to be more relaxed (everyday chinos, fitted tees, polo shirts, etc.)?
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  1. As a special education teacher I feel like I often need to dress more "relaxed." You just never know when you're going to end up running after a kid or on the ground or who knows what! Crocs are my favorite. Their flats are actually really cute and super comfy :)

    Brie - Breezy Special Ed

  2. Brie, I totally understand! I came close to buying some flats that were Crocs. I talked myself out of it because I was unsure at the time. I'm glad to hear that they are comfortable. I'll have to look into buying a pair or 2 when school gets closer. Thanks! :-)