Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What is on your summer bucket list?

This evening is rainy and dreary. They are calling for bad storms, and I hate when my husband is out in this mess. I just called and he is on his way home, though. My dog is going crazy because of the wind and thunder. I am just praying that our power stays on!! After the Oklahoma incident, if the power does go off, I'll try not to complain! It could be worse.  We need to remember them. 

Today was the last day of school for students, and I am starting to think about summer plans! I have took on the responsibility of directing Bible school this year, so that is a job in itself. Things are coming along nicely, but I have to get the resources together for the teachers before this Sunday. I felt lead to go a different route this year and not do Lifeway stuff. For my summer cleaning and decorating, I need to wash walls and clean out cabinets. I am going to work on trim. We moved a little over a year ago and that is still not done!! Who had time? I was still in school when we moved, and went straight into working afterwards. I am going to get new picture frames and other wall pretties and rehang everything, too. For fun, I want to go fishing and work up to 15 miles per week when I walk/run. I love to fish, but it's been hard to find time for it. It's something I like to share with my husband. I already try to squeeze in at least 30 minutes a day of exercise, but I'd like to build myself up some.

Other things I'd like to do over the summer:
1. Go to Education Outfitters. It's a store that I just discovered a few weeks ago, and I can't wait to see what they have. 
2. Go to McKay's. It's a used bookstore. I'd like to stock up on some kids books for school. 
3. Go swimming.
4. Try a new restaurant. 

What is on your summer bucket list??
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