Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Over 100 likes on FB!! Freebie Through Saturday & New Teacher Tips linky

I am so excited about having over 100 likes on facebook! I felt like I would never get to 100. I'm celebrating by having a free download. Until Saturday, you may download the "Gathering Time" packet for free from my TPT store. It includes weather cards, month cards, and days of the week cards. You will also receive a template for yesterday was, today is, tomorrow will be, the weather is, and the month is. If you download this, please leave feedback! I would really appreciate it

New Teacher Tips Linky by A Special Kind of Class

Well, I am a new teacher!! I know I won't have tons of advice, but I have learned some things I'd like to share. 

1. I've felt this way before I ever considered being a teacher, but I just don't agree with having favorite students. Yes, I know it's easy to connect with some better than others. This doesn't mean we have to make it obvious in front of the other students. They all need to feel accepted and loved. 

2. Do not show your anger/fear, especially to children with behavioral issues. They take this as a challenge and in no time you're in a power battle. Be stern (no yelling) and stick to your classroom management system.

3. Be consistent! Do what you say and don't go back on your word, especially with disciplinary actions. They need to know you mean business. 

4. Just love them and do your best! We are all going to make mistakes, so learn to laugh at yourself. 

5. This one is for me. BE ORGANIZED!! I am starting a new position as a resource teacher with grades 2-6, and I will have to stay organized if I want to keep my insanity. 

I'd love to hear some new teacher tips from teachers that have had more experience! Please comment! I love comments. :-) Have a blessed week!

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  1. Thanks for finding me, now I am a new follower! Your blog is great! I downloaded your freebie on TpT. Thank you! What level do you teach? Maybe we could collaborate sometime?
    Preschool Wonders

  2. Great tips! I am a new teacher looking to move to Tn, what city are you in?

    Just Diving In

  3. Good tips! I would add focus on the positive! I'm also a new follower. I love finding other special ed bloggers.