Saturday, June 29, 2013

It's Currently Time with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

It's time for the July Currently with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!

Listening: I absolutely love Kari Jobe! She is the best! A lot of her stuff is slow, but the words are so encouraging. I used to really dislike the style of contemporary christian, but was forced to listen to it at an old job. Now... I don't listen to anything else!! 

Loving: Yesterday I received my room keys! I am super excited about it. I went in for a few minutes, but did not stay long. I was meeting with the other sped teacher, and afterwards we went out to eat with some other co-workers. It was nice getting to know some of my new employee buddies!

Thinking: Okay, so my June goal was to finish a fractions unit I was working on. I am over half way through, but I am so not done. With Bible school and common core training days, it just wasn't meant for me to finish. I'm still working on it, though!! 

Wanting: I feel like I desperately need a new teacher wardrobe. I know what I like when it comes to separate pieces, but to try and put things together is a struggle a lot of times. It doesn't help when you are on a budget! :-) I would love any advice someone could give me on this! 

Needing: Since I did not stay long yesterday, I need to go to my classroom at the first of the week. There were several filing cabinets in there that I need to go through. I am sure there will be some useful info in them to help me learn about my students. 

Tips: Okay, I know this is one we've probably all heard, but it's true! It's easy to forget this tip when you are having a bad day, but smiles are contagious and usually you will be smiling in no time if you force it at first! **Smiling at you!**

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  1. I'd like a new teacher wardrobe, too! My reading coach keeps on telling us to spruce up our looks but I am never encouraged to when I am dragged to the floor as often as I am. Comfort is what I seek in a wardrobe! I'm happy to hear that you got your new room keys. That is so exciting!
    Happy Fourth!

  2. Hi Tasha:
    You're getting the keys to your room and I haven't finished cleaning mine out yet! (We just got out two weeks ago).
    I would love a new teacher wardrobe too. It's usually pretty warm (hot!) until October or November (with no air conditioning) at my school, so I'd like something cool, but fun. I taught special ed for several years--I found it was always best to choose pieces that stood up well to repeated washings :)
    Good luck with your shopping adventure.Glad to be a new follower...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. I just saw Kari in concert and had front stage passes. We also had an amazing chat with her during a heart of the artist presentation. My youngest LOVES her but was away at church camp. As we were getting her autograph my oldest daughter called the youngest and Kari talked to her on the phone. It was really sweet! She is such a nice person! I just found your blog last night and we now have 2 things in common..LOL. I also teach special needs.

  4. Glad I found you on Currently. I love finding special education teachers and adding them to my favorite group of blogs. I was switched to a new position when a teacher retired and she had file cabinets full of stuff. It wasn't my stuff though so I didn't even look-I did not keep any of it! I love digital and TPT is my best friend. Good luck with your new room. I look forward to seeing it on here! Thanks for sharing with your newest follower, Heather