Monday, July 15, 2013

How Games Influence Learning & Monday Made It ~ Chevron and Chalkboard Themed Bulletin Board

How do games influence learning? 

As a special education teacher, I am constantly looking for games! Games are a wonderful tool to use with children that have learning disabilities. I am going to list some benefits, that I know of, for using games to influence learning. Feel free to post your comments about some of your favorite games to use! I would love to hear about them.

There is so much involvement with games, mentally! Your mind has to be so wrapped up in the game and its rules that you don't have time to think of it as working. It's also a way for students to learn how to play together, whether as a team or as competitors. 

Supports Multiple Learning Styles
Games support visual, kinesthetic, and auditory learning needs. All games have visuals. It may be a game board, a computer game, or cards. Regardless, there is always a picture or something that you have to look at. All games are hands-on, but some can even expect body movements. This is good for kinesthetic learners. Whether students are listening to a recording of some kind or listening to their team mates/competitors, they are listening!! The benefit of games supporting multiple learning styles is my favorite! 

Positive Reinforcement
Games can be used as positive reinforcement. Children do not necessarily see the need for their class assignments. It can be motivating for them to finish assignments when they know there is a game waiting for them! 

I have been a busy bee cleaning out my room! There were things from 1994 that I had to throw away!! Quickly doing the math, I was in probably Kindergarten or 1st grade at that time! Anyway, I got to start on the fun stuff today! On TpT, I found some really cute Chevron and Chalkboard themed pennant banner cutouts. They were free, which made me one happy girl! I snagged them from Brittany Banister. :-D After printing those off, I went to Wal Mart and purchased the cheapest black sheet that I could find for a twin size bed. I found one for $4. I did that because it was cheaper than purchasing the fabric. I also bought some ribbon for $1. I hole punched my flags and stringed them onto the ribbon. For my background, I stapled the sheet on my bulletin board, and went from there! I really tried to get a better picture! The door to my room, that goes outside, is right beside the bulletin board and the sun was shining right in! I am going to request for a blind to hang up. I am also going to have to fix my flags. They are a tad off center, but it will drive me crazy! Is anyone else OCD about stuff like this? Don't forget to fill me in on the fun games you use in your classroom! 

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  1. Very cute bulletin board! I love the pennant design. :)

    - Pam
    Moments to Teach

  2. Pennants are so much fun. I love the colors on yours! Thank you for sharing.


  3. Cute! I want to make one...just haven't got around to it yet