Monday, July 8, 2013

Monday Made It Items & Autism Bracelet Giveaway!!

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I am feeling a sense of accomplishment today. I cleaned my classroom out and laminated some of the games I want to use this year. My awesome cousin (she works in the school system) came out and helped me clean some stuff out today. It's nice to have someone you can trust to throw things away without worrying if it was valuable!! I am nowhere near done, but I got a big jump start today. I can't wait to post pics of my "Welcome to Mrs. Tasha's Room" bulletin board for the next Monday Made It. I hope it's done by then! I have to make some time to go pick up a few things before I get started. Here are 2 games that I printed, cut out, and laminated today. I made one of the games myself and it is in my TpT store and the other one is from Special Teacher for Special Kids. Both games are common core aligned! 

Adding & Subtracting for Cookies (2.OA.B.2)
This is a fun game that keeps kids on their toes! You will place students at a table or in the floor, where a cookie jar can face each child. Student A will draw a card and read the math fact to Student B (without telling the answer). Student B will work the problem out in his mind and if he gets the answer correct, he earns a cookie to put in his cookie jar! They will take turns like this, and the first student that earns 20 cookies wins. There are some Lose Turn cards and Loose Cookie cards to add a twist. I am sorry again about the poor photography skills. I am also using my phone camera. 

The second game is called Buggy Math Facts! I love the colors that Special Teacher for Special Kids used, and I am looking forward to using this game. Students will work out math facts and put the math fact on the correct leaf (number). They will write their answer on the answer sheet included, and check their answers with the fun answer keys. I laminated the answer sheet, so it could be reused.

Now, onto the giveaway! I asked my sweet friend, Angela, if she wanted to host a giveaway on my blog! She is the new and proud owner of Strikers Para-cord Spot and I have to say she is awesome at making these bracelets. She is also a photographer, so this picture will do the bracelet justice! :-) Enter the giveaway below! It will end on July 19th.

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  1. I absolutely love that bracelet!