Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made It ~ Math Game ~ FREE Today Only

It's time for Monday Made It!

I absolutely love math games! Even as an adult, I learn better with games and hands-on activities. I know it has to be beneficial for our students. I just finished making a game for my 2nd grade resource students. It could also be used for students in 1st grade that need a challenge or for students in 3rd grade that need extra practice. It will only be free for the remainder of the day, so please go download it now! If you do decide to download this product, please leave feedback after reviewing the contents. I'd love to hear what you think! Click on the picture below and it will take you to my TpT store.

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  1. Hello, thank for the free activity but when I go to your store it says 1.50 and it's still July 1st. Am I doing something wrong? Let me know, Mari

  2. Sorry about that Mari! You can go download it now. :-) I was changing some things, and I must have done something by accident.

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

    1. I would really appreciate some feedback, if you get a chance to look it over! Thanks!

  3. Hi Tasha -
    I just blogged about a possible Carolina Blogger Meet Up - are you interested?? Read All About It Here

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