Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Teacher's Toolkit for CCSS

I know this website is for Tennessee, but I am sure it is useful for all states!! I just had to share it. It has been one of my favorite go to websites for help with the state standards and for ideas! 

This website has a ton of resources for Reading and Math for grades K-3. It lists all of the standards in these 2 subject areas for the grades I just mentioned, but that is not why I am blogging about this website. There is a specific page I want to point out....

It's the Teacher's Toolkit! I love this page! It's kind of hard to see, but to the right it has tabs for Differentiated Instruction, English Learners, Oral Language, Five Components of Reading, Formative Instructional Practices, Intentional Teaching, Response to Intervention, Social-Emotional Development and Skills, Student Growth Measures, and Working with Families! Each tab you click on has helpful videos, articles, websites, and ways to apply these in the classroom. The math section is set up in a similar manner. 

I hope you all get some helpful ideas from this website!! The new school year is right around the corner for a lot of us.

Teaching with TLC, 
A Tender Teacher for Special Needs 

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