Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Merry Follower Giveaway

I am proud to say that I am one of the collaborative authors at The Learning Highway. I am so thankful to know these wonderful gals!! We have decided to have a giveaway! You can enter for products for grades K-1, 2-3, and/or 4-5. What are you waiting for? Click on the picture to go enter for your chance to win!! 

Happy Thanksgiving!! 

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Walk Strong for Health

Hello friends, 

I just now realized how much I've missed being on here! This past week has been so busy and I feel like I haven't had time to breathe! Today was the start of our Thanksgiving break, and I have been pretty lazy!! I did manage to walk 5 miles with Leslie Sansone, though!! Her videos are why I'm blogging tonight! I've been using her walking videos for about 5 years now. I-LOVE-THEM! When I get tired of one, I just go buy another one. Then, I just rotate with what I have. It keeps me from getting bored. If you are bored with your exercise routine or you are trying to get motivated, I encourage you to try one of her videos. You will get an incredible cardio workout in the comfort of your own home. Plus, she's a Christian, so you don't have to worry about anything being distasteful. 
Here are some of my favorites: 


I also really like her video Walk the Walk - Firm Walk, but don't be fooled! The only walking you'll do in it is for the warm up. It's strictly toning, and she targets your whole body. If you are just starting out, you will not need anything. Once you advance, weights will be necessary. 

The other way I like to tone is by using Pilates. I like the slow, controlled movements. I also like how much more aware my body is to its own movements. I have found tons of free Pilates videos on YouTube. Go check it out!

Don't forget to stretch after you workout!!

Don't forget to snag those wish list items during the sale!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Top Ten Thanksgiving Books for Kids & Graphic Organizers FREEBIE

This is Lauren from

and I am so very excited to be here today to guest blog!  With Thanksgiving right around the corner here in the United States, I thought I would share some of my favorite children's books to help celebrate the season.  Whether you are looking for a new picture book, nonfiction selection, or poetry I've got something for you!

Click the picture to see the listing on Amazon, to take a peek inside the book and to read a detailed summary and review.
 My Top Ten Thanksgiving Books for Kids

  • It's Thanksgiving by Jack Prelutsky~ A collection of humorous poems that captures just about every aspect of Thanksgivingfrom football to the feast!

  • Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit by Norman Bridwell~ Clifford celebrates the holiday by visiting his mother!
  • The Berenstain Bears Thanksgiving Blessings by Mike Berenstain~ The bears learn about all the things they are thankful for as they are on their way to their Grandparents' house.
  • Fancy Nancy:  Our Thanksgiving Banquet by Jane O'Connor~ Nancy and her entire family celebrate Thanksgiving with a huge feast!

  • Squanto's Journey:  The Story of the First Thanksgiving by Joseph Bruchac~ A great read-aloud for older children, this story is told from Squanto's point of view and that of the Native Americans.
  • The Night Before Thanksgiving by Natasha Wing~ This is probably on your favorites list, as kids love Wing's "The Night Before" series.  Fun, vibrant pictures and an engaging story told in rhyme.
  • The First Thanksgiving by Jean Craighead George~ A beautiful historical book for older children that focuses on Plymouth Rock.
  • Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano~ Turkey knows he is in trouble as Thanksgiving approaches.  A very funny book that kids love as Turkey tries to disguise himself.
  • A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting~ Mr. and Mrs. Moose are preparing for their Thanksgiving feast, but where is the turkey?
  • Splat Says Thank You!~ by Rob Scotton~ Splat is working on a book for his friend, Seymour, to let him know how thankful he is for their friendship.

Whether you do a read-aloud or have students read independently a Thanksgiving-themed book, reader response is important!  I have developed a sample-pack FREEBIE for you to use with your students as they interact with a text, respond to their reading, or for you to use as an assessment.  Click the picture below to download a few of my Thanksgiving themed reader response graphic organizers. They can be used with any fiction text!

Have a book title that you think should have made my "Top Ten" list?  Leave a comment with your favorite Thanksgiving book!
Have a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday!  Enjoy!

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

November Currently AND FB Frenzy AND a BOGO Sale!!

Listening: I am listening to my husband take a shower. We cut our TV off, and I actually have no music on! It's close to our bedtime, so I'm enjoying the quiet sound of water. 

Loving: I'm so thankful for my my husband and our little pug. I am so thankful to have the love that is shown to me by both of them! 

Thinking: I got a new pair of brown boots last Christmas, so now I feel like I need a new black pair. :-) I love shoes!! 

Wanting: I am so ready for a vacation. We haven't went on one in a couple of years. I'm thinking of Charleston or Tybee Island! 

Needing: Right now, I share a room with another extended resource teacher. They are planning on having my room built by the 15th of January. Then, they'll have to move all of the furniture in. I'm praying that doesn't take too long. I think I'm going to have a beach theme, so I need to start planning and gathering up resources for it! January will be here before we know it. 

A Yummy Pin: So, I think my favorite fall food in the whole world is a pumpkin cream cheese roll. I'm not a big cake person, but I could devour a whole roll on my own! They are awesome. 


I am super excited to be a part of the November Facebook Frenzy this weekend! This is my first frenzy, and I am looking forward to snagging up some great freebies! To snag the interactive mini book "The First Thanksgiving", visit my Facebook page! Then, click on the haystack to snag some more fun, free finds! 

The collaborative authors at The Learning Highway are having a buy one get one free sale for Friday only! Check out TLH blog post for the store links!! 

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Monday, November 4, 2013

November Facebook Frenzy ~ 8th-10th

Hello everyone! 

I would like to go ahead and announce that the November Facebook Frenzy is this weekend!! This is my first one, and I am so excited to give you a free Thanksgiving item! Stay tuned for another post with the link to my Facebook page and a preview of the item!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Whole Class Accommodations

Learning disabilities and other special needs impact the way children learn and process information. It is important to set up an environment for special needs children that will help them to be as successful as possible.

Keep an organized classroom and limit distractions. These seem like simple and obvious things to do, but we tend to overlook them at times. When I say keep an organized classroom, I mean keep the students organized as well. You can do this by labeling things, giving them checklists, and check their notebooks or backpacks for organization at the end of every day. To minimize distractions, seat them away from doors, windows, and air conditioners. You may also give them breaks to help them stay on track.

Use music when making transitions. About 3 minutes before an activity is going to end, play some music that will prep them for the transition. You may also find sounds to use that go along with the theme of your classroom! For example, if you have a beach theme, you may want to use ocean sounds!

Instructions should be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks.  Use sentences that are simple and concrete. It may be a good idea to give directions verbally and visually, depending upon the students' needs.

Use a variety of learning strategies. Every child does not learn the same way, so we must teach our lessons with a multi-sensory approach. I think it is so important to try and include visual, auditory, and tactile learning into every lesson. It can be a challenge at times!! 

Set your students up for success. Students need to be successful in order to stay motivated. Special needs students need a challenge, but they also need to be able to accomplish what you ask them to do. Breaking instructions down into smaller, more manageable tasks is a big one in my book for setting students up for success! 

I hope that these help in some way. If anything, I hope they were good reminders. Have a great weekend! 

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