Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December Currently and a Christmas Book Recommendation

Listening: I always take our old socks and use them to put small treats in for my dog. He loves it! Here's a picture of my sweet boy! 

Loving: I have never been into Christmas decorating as much as I am this year. I am actually quite overwhelmed because I want to do more. I am getting a big bow made now with burlap, red lace, and white beads. It's suppose to go on top of our Christmas tree, but I've considered putting it on the front door, too. We'll see. I'll have to post a pic when it's finished! 

Thinking: I am so sleepy! School is back in session this week and it's full force! As soon as I finish this blog post, I'm going to bed! 

Wanting: I have been craving a cup of pumpkin spice coffee for the last few days. Maybe I can make that happen this weekend!  

Needing: I am so ready for a vacation. I love our little town that we live in, but I need a few days with different scenery. We haven't been on vacation since our honeymoon, which will be 5 years in May!! 

Favorite Tradition: For our first Christmas as a married couple, I bought us a personalized ornament. I decided after that to just start buying one every year! One day (good Lord willing) we will have a Christmas tree full of personalized ornaments! Last year, we bought a little ornament for Dooley... our fur baby. 

Llama Llama Holiday Drama
I love reading books that use rhyming words, and this book is perfect for Christmas! You can bring out so many things with it. You can bake cookies or decorate your classroom tree after reading this book. The best part is that it teaches in the end what is most important! Hmm... I think I will begin working on a unit for this. ;-) Stay tuned! 

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