Saturday, December 7, 2013

Five for Friday on Saturday and a Freebie

 My husband and I went to an event called Fantasy of Trees. It was beautiful! It's a place where they display and sale Christmas trees! They all had their own theme. They also had gingerbread houses that different classrooms had made and live music. 100% of their profit went to St. Jude's Children Hospital. 

I attempt to make something different most weeks for dinner. Tonight, I made Mac N Cheese soup. It was delish! I think it will be a new regular! 

A friend bought some craft, foam Christmas trees at a yard sale. She brought them to me on Thursday and we decorated them on Friday. They were a hit with the kids! 

My husband is a cattle farmer. I don't ever notice the difference between each cow very much. For some reason, this particular cow stood out to me. Her nose is slightly crooked and she has such a gentle personality. I don't believe my husband will be selling her. I've already named her Nellie and I give her treats from time to time! 

This past week, we read "If You Take A Mouse to the Movies". I found an adorable activity from First Grade W.O.W that helps students connect their personal life to the story. Since most of our students have fine motor challenges, I printed off pictures of various things they might like while watching a movie. I liked that the template was big, but it really ended up being too big for our kids, considering their attention span. To shorten the amount of time we spent on the activity, I had the students just color the "popcorn" and "popcorn buckets". 

Now here is your free snowman template! Decorate it by using items like buttons, construction paper, and chocolate chips for the eyes, nose, and mouth. Then, glue popcorn all over! Enjoy!

Don't forget the facebook frenzy is this weekend! Go like my page (A Tender Teacher for Special Needs) for a fun Christmas freebie, and click on the snowman to circle around for other freebies!

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  1. The Fantasy of Trees looks awesome. I support anything that helps St. Jude's. The soup looks delicious. Nothing is better in cold weather that a bowl of hot soup!

    Have a great week!

    Fit to be Fourth

    1. It was beautiful Mary! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a restful break!

  2. I love your blog and so glad I found you on Five for Friday!
    Newest follower.
    ~ Kristin
    This Old Art Room

    1. Thank you Kristin! I'm heading over to your blog right now!