Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wizard of Oz Door Contest

Hey friends,

Last week, we had a Wizard of Oz door contest. We had a blast decorating our door and seeing all of the other creative ideas that other teachers came up with! Check it out.

This is an idea we had towards the end, but ran out of time. It didn't turn out how we would have liked.

A couple of teachers wanted to see our flying monkeys. Here they are! I wish I could say that my classroom is blessed with a professional artist! This was actually pretty simple. We printed a coloring page and traced it on a sheet protector. After that, we put it on one of the old projectors. Last, we taped a big piece of paper up on the wall and traced it! 

I'd love to hear what other things that schools do as a whole to make the end of year fun. 

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