Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Special Tidbits Blog Hop

Hey everyone!

First of all, sorry for the technical issues this morning if you have been trying to link up!

Welcome to the first Sunday Special Tidbits link up! I'm excited about getting this started! So, here's my special tidbit. Laminate EVERYTHING! I know that sounds simple, but there have been times when I didn't think to laminate things and regretted it later. This year, I'm in the process of making things for my room and I feel like that's all I am doing, but it helps things last SO much longer! All kids, but especially sped kids, destroy things! They like to use things as fidgets and for their sensory needs. They also destroy things during their meltdowns. I got a cheap laminator at Walmart that I have been very pleased with. 

Now, it's your turn! Please link up and share your small bit of helpful information. It can be a tip from your own experiences like mine, or it can be about a useful product or TPT item you have been using. If it has been useful for you, chances are it will be useful for someone else! I am looking forward to reading what others have to share. 

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  1. Thanks for hosting the link up!!

  2. You are so right, laminating is the way to go. I just bought my first personal laminator. I have to get it out of the box and figure out how to use it next, LOL! Thanks for the link up.
    Burke's Special Kids

  3. If it's like mine, it will be super easy to figure out! :-)

  4. Thank you so much for hosting this back to school linky! Great idea. Have a wonderful year!