Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Special Tidbits Blog Hop: Schedules

Hey everyone,

Sunday is here again, so it's time for the Sunday Special Tidbits link up! This week my special tidbit is about scheduling! Scheduling for our students and for our paras is so crucial for a smooth day, every day! It's also one of the trickiest parts of a sped teacher's job, in my opinion. The key here is to organize the materials you'll need to make your schedules! So, what things will you need? You'll need the service hours for your students, a schedule for the grade levels in your school, a schedule of lunch duties and flex times, a schedule template that is functional for you, and highlighters. You can use the highlighters to highlight the various times you need to remember as your making your schedules. I also like to use different color pens for various parts of the schedule, such as inclusion times. Also, focus on one grade level at a time! Looking at all of it as a whole can be very overwhelming! For example, I will be teaching grades 2-4 this year. I made my 2nd grade schedule first and that actually made it easier to make my 3rd and 4th grade schedules. Of course, I'm sure it will need to be tweaked as the school year gets started. What are some things that help you make your schedules? You can build on my special tidbit when you link up or share something completely different! I love hearing about your ideas. I read every tidbit last week and loved what I learned from you all!

Here's an example of the schedule template I use.

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  1. Tasha,

    What a wonderful idea for a LINKY! I don't have anything to add this time, but I will definitely check back each Sunday. Maybe I can contribute in the future.

    Best wishes!
    Jen :)