Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Special Tidbits: How I Track Data for Letter/Sound Recognition

Hey everyone!

Today, I want to show you how I have started taking data for letter/sound recognition. I use the Seeing Stars intervention program with my kids, but I am not crazy about their data sheet. I wanted a way to track daily progress and a place for notes. The picture below will show you what I came up with. I use a + symbol for correct letters/sounds and a - symbol for incorrect ones. There is a data sheet for each set of letters. For example, set 1 only focuses on t, n, r, m, d, s, l, c, p, b, f, and v. While working with one child in a group, I will have the others color a page of our letter of the week. They really enjoy this, and they participate more for me when I allow them to do something fun like that in between our letter/sound practice.

The data sheets are now in my TPT store. and they are free today! I would really appreciate your feedback! :-)  

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