Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Special Tidbits Linky: Schedule Pieces with SymbolStix

Good morning! I'm happy to say that I finally finished the wall schedule for my kiddos. It was a loooong process, but I'm happy with the end result! The pictures will be more helpful to you than reading, so here they are!

To save a little time on cutting, I stapled about 4 pages together. This 
is a great way to keep your pages from sliding around. 

Then, I cut up the columns to separate the images. Afterwards, I
cut across the bottom and worked my way up. Doing it this way seemed
to cut down on my cutting time. 

Once I was finished cutting, I laminated and cut them out AGAIN! If I had 
laminated them first, they would not have held together. Anyway, this is
where my kids will come to check their schedules. I haven't
added their names yet in this picture. I'm going to use a different color
for each grade level, I think. Also, they all look the same right now. 
I have a few students that go out for part of the day, so I still have a little 
bit of work to do on getting schedules ready.

You can see it a little better in this one. 

How does everyone else do their schedules? I tried folder schedules
before this, and it didn't work out too well with my kids.
Do you have any suggestions to avoid cutting things out twice!? 
The good thing is, these pieces will last a long time. 

Now, it's your turn! Please remember to post a link to the link up. :-)

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  1. I was just making my own schedule cards using symbolStix last night!! Do you have your own laminator or just one at school? I find my home laminator does such a better job! It gets so hot and the lamination is so much thicker there is no chance of no need to cut twice!!! Best investment I have ever made! How many kids do you have? That looks like an awful lot of individual schedules!

  2. Your Symbolstix schedules look great! Do you use one of their templates? Although I got Symbolstix last year, I have continued to use my Boardmaker versions but have been thinking about changing since I have mostly new students this year. I agree with Mrs. W.! The 3-mil laminating sheets for my home laminator last so much longer! The way students crumple and peel the ones with thinner laminate leaves me re-laminating and and re-velcroing!

    1. I do use one of their templates so I can type what each one is for. I will try laminating first for my next project!

      A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

    2. I have tried laminating first before and they peel every time! It is worth it to take the extra time to cut them out, laminate and cut them out again. I have an ancient paper cutter at home that I use to cut them out the first time. Then I laminate them with 3 mil laminate and take them in to school where my assistants usually help to cut them out again.

    3. Thanks for the warning! I will probably stick with letting my assistants help me, too. :-)

  3. I have my aides cut some of my things for me. Definitely helps! :)

  4. I do not have either Boardmaker or Symbolstix but just make my own using clipart. Do you suggest either one of these programs for being better for kids with autism?

  5. Love reading your tips even though I don't always link up or comment. Hoping to find out more about Symbolstix!

    Burke's Special Kids

  6. Tasha,
    I'm teaming up with several other sped teacher bloggers and putting together a BTS giveaway and freebie hop with sped-related items just for special education teachers!! I was wondering if you'd be interesting in joining us by donating one of your products for the giveaway! You can read more about the giveaway on my blog at the link below as well as fill out an interest form there too. Hope you'll join us!

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  7. There is also a schedule template and icons in the Unique Learning Systems program (part of symbolstix if you have the whole bundle) called Core Materials. It has many symbols that correlate with the curriculum and specials.